LPS and Covid-19: Our Part and How You Can Help


Dear LPS Families,
Lewistown Public Schools continues to take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, with our ultimate goal of staying in full in-person instruction. We feel very strongly that in-person instruction is the best method to deliver education and is in the best interest for our students and staff academically, socially and emotionally.  We would like to communicate with you the steps that are being taken at school and let you know what YOU can do to help. 

Our Part:
Last year, LPS invested in air ionizers in every single building, every single classroom and every common space. We believe these air ionizers have been vital to help mitigate the virus. We have altered some our “normal” practices to help distance students and have continued some of our cohort practices at all of our elementary schools. We have emphasized washing hands on a constant basis and we continue to “fog” all of our schools once a week.  We strongly encourage all eligible students and staff to get the vaccine or the booster. We estimate 90% of all LPS Staff are fully vaccinated.  We have also offered COVID Testing to any staff.  LPS has shown that our schools may be one of the SAFEST places for students and adults, accounting for less than 3% of all the positive Covid cases dating back to the spring of 2020 to current numbers. 

If the school is notified of a confirmed positive case, the positive case will be directed to the Fergus County Nurse’s Office (as of January 3, 2022) for guidance. The positive student will NOT be allowed to return to school until after the 10 day isolation period determined by CMHD or One Health.  The CMHD or One Health will continue to be the primary point of contact and will be responsible for issuing recommended procedures and/or protocols.  CMHD or One Health will complete the interview of the positive student, contact tracing, and issue quarantine/testing guidelines.  The school will work with CMHD, One Health and the Family as needed.

LPS will inform families if a positive case has occurred within their student’s elementary classroom or school. Students/staff may attend school if they do not have ANY symptoms. The CMHD and One Health will be responsible for notifying and instructing individuals identified as being a close contact.

Lewistown Public Schools stresses the importance of personal accountability – stay home if you’re sick, practice social distancing and hygiene/hand washing, masks are encouraged. Students who are ill at school will be sent home. We can get through this TOGETHER!

How YOU Can Help:
If you are diagnosed with Covid or test positive, notify the school, seek medical attention from your Healthcare Provider. Contact CMHD at 535-3983 or the Fergus County Nurse’s Office at 535-7433. Many times you receive your own test results before CMHD or One Health receives them. Fergus County Nurse’s Office or One Health will conduct an interview to determine symptom onset, if applicable and identify close contacts. Parents have been amazing in this regard and it absolutely helps LPS stay in-person instruction, five days/week. WE GOT THIS LEWISTOWN!

Updated 12/2/2021

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