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Welcome to Mrs. DeCock's Webpage!

Here you will find links to my Google Classroom site - be sure to click on your class period.  Please be sure to check this regularly, as I will be updating it weekly, just like I have been all year.  My online office hours will be from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.  If you would like to schedule a video conference, please email me and we will set up a time.  I will try to screencast as many lectures as I can and upload to the Classroom.  My plan is to work remotely from home and go to the high school as needed. 

Google Classroom Links:

AP Physics

2nd Period Earth Science

3rd Period Title Earth Science

4th Period Earth Science

6th Period Earth Science

7th Period Earth Science 

How will this work? 

You are expected to check Google Classroom by the end of the day on Monday.  I will have each classroom updated by Sunday at midnight.  I will post 3-4 hours of work for each week and you will have until Friday at 3pm to complete and turn in.  As I already stated, I will be working from home, but I have access to video conferencing daily by appointment only.  I will be available by email Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.  I am doing my best to provide quality instruction during this time.  I ask that you do the best that you can to keep up with the assigned work and readings, and I'm here if you have any questions or just need to check in once in a while.  We will get through this together :)

How do I turn in assignments?  

All assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom, unless instructed otherwise through your Google Classroom page. 


I will update Infinite Campus weekly as assignments are turned in.  Assignments for the week will need to be turned in by Friday at 3pm, unless there is a more specific timeline.  For example a test or a quiz will have a more specific timeline within the week.  Please pay attention to these timelines on Google Classroom.  If assignments are NOT turned in by the weekly deadline, I will mark the assignment MISSING and you will have 5 days to get this turned in.  This is the same policy that I have been running all year.

How do we take Tests and Quizzes?

Tests and quizzes will be in a Google Form or Google Doc.  Please pay attention to the timelines that these assessments will be open.

Video Conferencing?

I plan to utilize Zoom ( for individual or group conferencing, starting Monday, March 23.  Please email me for a specific time to conference.  As stated previously, I will screencast lectures and instructions for new assignments as needed.

Academic Integrity 

Please keep in mind that much of your education is in your own hands from this point forward.  With that said, academic integrity is a must.  You have the resources to be successful without cheating. Take advantage of them.  

Final Thoughts

Ultimately this is going to put a little more responsibility on you as a student.  You will have to be disciplined enough to look at what you need to do and complete your homework without me hassling you to do so.  We are doing the best we can with the hand that we are currently dealt.  

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