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I hope all of you are staying safe.  I really miss all of you.  It is not the same being at school without the students.I will have a zoom meeting every day at 10:00- 11:00 am to answer questions unless notified.   You will need a password to get on zoom, I emailed it to all of you.


Please click on the appropriate link to determine what we will be doing in Algebra and Algebra II.  The Algebra and Algebra II link will explain how I will run the class via online.  The sub links will give the week's work. I will post videos of each lesson to hopefully help you learn the concept.  We have to be independent learners.  Make sure to look at the videos and read the textbook.  

How will this work?

I will post a weeks worth of work at a time.  This will be very similar to a regular week of class.  Assignments will be similar to what we have been doing.  Notebooks will not be graded but it will not hurt to take notes on each section.  Each of you will need your textbook.  I will post what the assignment is and you will have to read through the lessons and attempt the assignment.  I will also post videos that relate to each lesson(if needed).  I will also give the give the dates as to when the assignments are due.  

How do I turn in assignments?

I think the easiest way to turn in your assignment is to take a picture (with all work shown) of the assignments and email it to me. If you cannot take a picture, you can drop them off at the office at the high school.If I assign a worksheet there will be a link to get to it.  Just do your work on a separate sheet of paper and treat it just like an assignment.  If I do not get your assignments by the date provided, you will receive a zero on the appropriate assignment.  Make sure that you pay attention to the due date.  When turning in assignment make sure that you have name, subject, period,date, and assignment(page and numbers assigned). 

Tests and quizzes

I will scan and email the tests and quizzes to you.  Please show integrity and honesty when taking tests and quizzes. You can send the tests and quizzes back to me just as if it were an assignment.  

I will be available on school days from 8 am - 3:20 at my email

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