Academic Calendars

Last Updated: 3/17/2022 4:30 PM

This page holds individual links to our annual School Board approved school calendars.

In addition to these academic calendars, our School District utilizes Google Calendars for most if not all activities and academic events.  Those events, along with the information from these academic calendars, are found within the listings on regular District webpage

Additionally, each of our many individual Google Calendars used can be found on our Google Calendar Links List and can be added to electronic calendars for the benefit of the public and school community. 

Each Academic Calendar includes the start, mid-term and end dates for each term (within each school year), and all school days, teacher work days and holidays.  The individual LPS District Calendar includes each of these dates, all School Board Meeting dates, and additional meetings that are open to the public and are tied to Montana's Open Meeting Laws.