**OLD** TUESDAY 3/24/2020

It's a terrific Tuesday!

I hope yesterday's work was fun and that you learned something new!! surprise


Go to Scholastic Learn at Home. On Day 2, read the article titled, "Fiction: Clean Start." In the "Continue the Learning Journey" section, complete one of the two choices in your journal.


Did you know that on this day in 1874 Harry Houdini was born? If you didn't know, Harry Houdini was a famous magician and performed many amazing magic tricks. For your Tuesday writing assignment, you have a choice:

1) Top 10 Tuesday: Research Harry Houdini and list 10 magic tricks he performed!

2) Two-fer Tuesday: Would you rather have magic powers or wings? 


Grammar Ninja


Choose one of the following activities:

1) Go to Scholastic Learn at HomeOn Day 2, read the article titled, "Why Do Zebras Have Stripes." Make sure to watch the videos as you read the article. At the end, you'll see a "Continue the Learning Journey" box. Complete the second activity in your journal.

2) Go to Scholastic Learn at HomeOn Day 2, read the article titled, "Washington's Secrets Revealed." In the "Continue the Learning Journey" section, complete one of the two choices in your journal.


1) Go to SuccessMaker and complete one session. This should take you approximately 15-20 minutes.

2) Go to Scholastic Learn at Home. Find Day 2 and read the article titled, "Muddy Moves." Complete all the activities at the end of the reading. Write your answers in your journal.


Below is a list of activities you may do. Some are websites we've been to before, while others are new and might be an entertaining break from the usual! 

Listen to Wonder - read by Mrs. Jensen!!

Scholastic Learn at Home - There are articles, virtual field trips, activities, etc. that were not assigned for Day 2. If you were interested in something from today, go back and explore the additional activities on Day 2.

xtramath.org You will need my email to log in: jjensen@lewistown.k12.mt.us

Freckle - Math or Reading


typing.com - Typing

https://schooltoolstv.com - Diamond Video

Muffalo Potato - Art 

kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems - Art

http://cincinnatizoo.org/home-safari-resources/ - Cincinnati Zoo live videos