Monday April 6th Assignments


1. Go to readworks

2. Type in your class code: DA5FGQ click on your name, then type in password:1234

3. Listen to and read the story several times.

4. Answer questions, check your work.



1. Today you will be learning about dividing with remainders. Lesson 9-4

2. Today I will have you go to pearson realize for your lesson. Watch the video on Lesson 9-4. Please watch and listen to the lesson. Watch it 3 to 4 times if you need to!

3. Your assignment will be (textbook) pg.212, problems 1-4, and 7-14 PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK!smiley

4. Please put your name and page number on your paper.

5. Send a picture of your assignment to me.

 6. xtramath

 7. Successmaker (15 minutes)



             Watch this video

Try this experiment at home with your parents

3-2-1 Activity

    1. Write 3 things you learned

    2. Write 2 things you have a question about

    3. Write 1 opinion about this lesson

    4. Send your assignment to Mrs. Irwin






Go outside and play! Take a walk, shoot some hoops!  Help Mom with the dishes,laundry, clean your room!laugh