Tuesday April 7th Assignments


1. Today I would like you to read silently for 30 minutes. Find a comfortable quiet place.

2. After you have read today, in your journal I would like you to write the title of your book, the author, and who is the main character in your story. Then draw a picture of your character in the middle of your page. Around your character write words that describe your character. Remember NOT physical characteristics, but words that describe what your character is like? how do they treat people? are they kind? mean? troubled? REMEMBER YOU HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE. A CHARACTER SKETCH

3. This assignment will continue on Thursday. So you do not have to finish it today! It will be due April 15th. So when you have it finished take a picture and send it to me. Please add color to your character.



1. Today will be a continuation of yesterday's lesson 9-4 Dividing with remainders. Show your WORKsmiley

2. Log onto pearson realize again and watch the video again for review.

3. Your assignment will be from your textbook: pg.212, problems 15-29, and 35.

4. Log back into pearson realize and complete the Digital Quick Check.



       1. Please go to montanakids.com and click on Cool Stories  2.Click on Ghost Towns. 3 Read the paragraph on Ghost Towns. 4. Click on the buildings and read what each has to say.5. For your assignment I would like you to pick ONE category under Virginia City History. Read about it and write 3 well written FACTS that you learned. Send a picture to me via email to show me your answers. https://montanakids.com/cool_stories/ghost_towns/