Wednesday April 8th Assignments


1.Today you will be going to readworks to read the story: The Vegetable Thief.

2. go to and type in the Class Code: DA5FGQ  click on your name, then type in the password: 1234

3. Please read it several times. Pay attention to what you are reading.

4. Complete questions after reading.



1. Today you will be learning Lesson 9-6:Problem Solving, Draw a picture and write an Equation.

2. Log onto pearson realize.

3. Watch the assigned video. Watch it several times.

4. Then do Assignment. Textbook pg.218 problems 1,3,4,and 5.

5. When assignment is complete, make sure your name and page number is on it and take a picture and send it to me.


7. xtramath

8. successmaker



        Build a chain reaction machine using at least 4 steps.  Get creative. Try it outside with something bigger. Start in one room and go to another.  Take a picture or video of it and post on Dojo for me by Monday.