Wednesday April 15th

MATH: Topic 10/Lesson 10-3(Dividing 2-Digit by 1-Digit Numbers)

1. Watch lesson video

2. READ and STUDY pg. 234. Look at STEPS 1,2,and 3

3. Practice: Textbook pg. 235 1-10. 

4. Digital Quick Check 10-3 PLEASE USE SCRATCH PAPER to FIGURE OUT YOUR ANSWERS, DON'T GUESS! I do grade thesesmiley

5. Successmaker and extramath  2 times this week.


READING: Today we are going to start a new Novel. Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo

1. Log into:

2. Username eagles  Password:books

3. Click on ebooks

4. Click on Tiger Rising, and then click on read online. This will take you to Chapter 1.

5. BEFORE you read Chpt. 1

    A) Complete this Google Form.

    B) Vocabulary: Please look up and define the first 2 vocabulary words harbored and astounded (shared a a google doc)



  6. AR Read at least 25 minutes today.

SCIENCE /SOCIAL STUDIES: There are no assignments this week. Please go to, mr,nausbaum, find virtual tours, find something that you are interested in and look it up! Check out mystery science.THIS IS OPTIONAL. YOU DO NOT HAVE GRADED ASSIGNMENTS.