Friday April 17th

MATH: Topic 10 Dividing 3-Digit by 1-Digit with REMAINDERS

1Go to youtube and watch the same video you did yesterday for a review. With the problems I assign you today you will have a remainder in the answer this time.

2. Assignment: pg. 240,241. Do problems 2,7,8,9,11,17,19, and 20. Once again take a break between each problem. When you are finished please take a picture and send the completed assignment to me.

3. Check your work! (remember you will just add the remainder to your final answer)

4. Successmaker and xtramath.

5. Digital Quick Check 10-5 if you want to try 10-6 if you want to! (pearson realize)



1. Today you will read Chapter 3 of Tiger Rising

2. Before you begin please do the vocabulary for Chapter 3 ( gravelly)  

3. Read Chapter. It's a short one!

3. Complete Chapter Summary using this google form.

4. AR read for 25 minutes.