Tuesday April 21st

READING: Tiger Rising/Chapter 5

1. Vocabulary ( contagious, cuffed) Please click on this link to complete the assignment. https://forms.gle/LBRpG4dkbHzYJS1f7

2. Read Chapter 5 in tumblebookslibrary   https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/

3. Answer comprehension questions using this link to complete the assignment. https://forms.gle/TYKYzkCubSoQG8CL9

4. On a card or nice piece of paper, write a letter to Ms. Jenni and tell her how important she is to all of us here at Highland Park. What does she do to help you? Tell her how much you appreciate her. Take a picture of it and send it to me (for a grade).  Then mail your card or letter, drop it off at HPark, or post it on our facebook page by the end of this week! ( this is a writing assignment, so be neat and check your spelling, and sentences)smiley


MATH: Topic 10/Long Division

1. Enrichment 10-6. Log into pearson realize. You will have to download the page and print to do the assignment, or just do assignment on your own paper. Send a picture of completed assignment to me when complete. The kids know that the Enrichment page makes them think outside the box, and to use the strategies that they have been taught to solve these types of problems.

2.Play a card game that involves math! War, cribbage, 21..... have fun:)