Thursday April 23rd

MATH: Topic 10/Long Division

1. Today you will do a review of Topic 10.

2. Review Assignment: Textbook pg.246,247

Set A/ 1,2

Set B/2,6,8,10

Set C/ 1,3,7,9

Set D/ 3,8,13,18 *Don't do the estimate* just divide, check your answer with multiplication!

3. Take a picture and send it to me!

4. Long Division Assessment tomorrow:)


READING: Tiger Rising/Chapters 8,9

1.Vocabulary (fresco,ointment) *I put the vocab and questions together on one form

 down below next to Comprehension Questions* So read your chapters FIRSTyes

2. Read Chapters 8,9

3. Comprehension Questions


NO GOOGLE CLASS MEET TODAY! SORRYsad I'll see you next Tuesday!