Friday April 24th

MATH: Topic 10/Division/Assessment

1. Get a piece of paper and a pencil to use for calculating your problems.

2. Go to this google form to complete the test. Please make sure you put your name in!

3. This is a multiple choice test, so make sure you only choose ONE answer.

4. Check your work, then submit. *Please remember I need to correct on my end before your score changes*



READING: Tiger Rising

1. Today I'm going to give you a break from reading, vocabulary, and questions!

2. Please log into tumblebooks library. Click on videos. Choose one to view.  (username:eagles, password:books)  As you are watching be thinking of:

A. What 3 things have I learned

B.  2 questions I have

C. 1 opinion or thought I may have

3. You can watch the video as many times as you need to. When you are ready, in your writing journal please write down the 3, 2,1 things you were to be thinking of,  in PARAGRAPH form. All sentences must be complete. DO NOT WRITE A LIST. I should see 6 or more sentences. 

4. Please write in your best cursive writing.

5. Draw and color a picture to go with your paragraph.

6. When you are finished please send a picture of your completed assignment to my email.