Monday April 27th

MATH: Nice job on your long division test! You guys ROCKED IT! 

Today's lesson will be on finding factors.

1. Go to pearson realize website. Please watch the video: Topic 11-1

2. Assignment: pearson realize. Reteaching 11-1.(download and print, take a picture and send it to me when complete.)

3. xtramath,successmaker (3 times this week)


READING: Tiger Rising Chapters 10-13

1. Please log onto tumblebooks to read 4 chapters today. These chapters are pretty short so you should all be able to handle it just fine:)



2. I put vocabulary and comprehension questions on one form today. Hopefully this will be easier for you. Vocab words for today are leprosy and tattered.(before you start reading you may want to look those up real quick)

3.Google Form Assignment: