Tuesday April 28th

MATH: Topic 11/Lesson 11-1 continued.

1. Finding Factors. Please go to Mrs. Weichel's 4th Grade Class. Click on it. To the right you will see a box titled Files/Links. Inside the box click on the Fractions Folder, you will find; Finding Factors CCS 4/28/20. Download and print or copy answers on another sheet of paper. Take a picture of it and send it to me. 

2. Prodigy


READING: Novel Study/Tiger Rising

1. Today please read Chapters 14-17.

2. Today's assignment will be on finding 2 examples of simile. I have put an Anchor Chart in the same Files/Links box on my teacher's website. You can print it if you need to. It will show you examples of simile.

3. After you have studied the Anchor Chart, please go to this Google Form to complete your assignment. https://forms.gle/RZ67mS4ZcaUWrWSX7