Thursday April 30th

MATH: Factors and Multiples

1. Today you will review what a factor and multiple are. If you need to, go back into your textbook to refresh your memory. (pgs. 256 and 260)

2. Log into pearson realize and download ENRICHMENT 11-3. When complete,take a picture of it and send it to me!

3. Prodigy


READING: Tiger Rising/ Chapters 22-25

1. Please read chapters 22-23 on tumblebooks library.


password: books

2. Your assignment for today is on making INFERENCES. This assignment is located in my Files/Links box here on my website. Go up and click on Mrs. Weichel's 4th Grade Class. You will then see several boxes come up. Look in the box and you should see the assignment: Be-an Instigator! Click on this and the assignment will come up. You can download this and print it or write your answers on another piece of paper. It has been awhile since we practiced this so make sure you read the information given and the directions!. CHOOSE FOUR QUESTIONS TO COMPLETE. Take a picture and send the completed assignment to me.

3. Read AR book for at least 15 minutes.

Keep up the good work class! You're doing greatyes