Friday May 1st

READING: Tiger Rising/Chapters 26-30

1. Read chapters 26-30

2. Writing Assignment: This is an Opinion Paragraph. This means it your own personal opinion. Please write 1 paragraph stating your opinion if  tigers should be caged (like in a zoo, circus) or not?


1. Topic Sentence

2. 5 Sentences supporting sentences

3. Closing sentences

4. Cursive Writing

5. Neatness

* Your sentences must be complete. Capital letters to begin sentences, and end marks*


MATH: Topic 11/Lesson 11-2: Prime and Composite Numbers

1. Watch the video on Pearson Realize. There are also some good Kahn Academy videos that explain this really well. Click on this link if you would like to watch. 

2. Assignment: Textbook pg. 258 (All even numbers) Take a picture when you are done and send it to me!