Tuesday May 5th

Math: Today you will learn about Equivalent Fractions. This is a great video for an introduction to finding equivalent fractions.  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/fraction-arithmetic/arith-review-visualizing-equiv-frac/v/equivalent-amount-of-pizza

1. Watch video on pearson realize (Lesson 11-4) https://www.pearsonrealize.com/

2. Two Assignments for today. Both of these assignments will be in the Fraction Folder under Files/Link box. *Click on Mrs. Weichel's 4th Grade Class on my teacher website. You can download and print or copy answers onto your own sheet of paper and take a picture of completed assignment and send it to me. They are labeled with today's date,5-5-20


     A) Finding Equivalent Fractions with Models

     B) Equivalent Fractions

      C) You will also see a paper titled Fraction Strips. If you have some free time...please download this and print. Then cut these out and put in a baggie or envelope. You will be using these later in the week.


READING: Spiral Review -Tuesday/Trying Something New

1.Click on this link to the Google Form Assignment. https://forms.gle/vsHTVAusbLu6SUK87

2. AR Read 25 minutes