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My name is Mrs. Grensten and this is my seventh year teaching music in the Lewistown Public Schools. I got my BA in Music Education at MSU Bozeman in 2011 and then finished my Master's Degree there in 2017. I LOVE music but LOVE teaching even more! Singing is my primary instrument; which is handy because my voice is with me all the time! I also like to hike, play hockey, ski, create art and beat my husband Jake at Catan. Jake grew up in Lewistown and works at Fergus Electric as a lineman. Our little girl Charlie was born in 2020 and we are just crazy about her. We also have a chocolate lab who loves to play!

If you are looking for some fun musical activities to do at home/in the summer here are a few:

Create a plot line for a movie or book based on random instrumental music (pick 4-8 varied songs...Fantasia songs are a great resource). Draw pictures outlining/describing the story based on the “feelings” of the music as it starting a plot line already having the soundtrack. 

Even if you don’t have a Wii there are TONS of Just Dance videos already recorded on YouTube. See my pages for various video links. It’s fun to dance!

Create a musical instrument out of household things (rubber bands, tissue boxes, spoons...etc.) and then write a jingle/create a commercial to sell the instrument.

Create a basketball dribbling routine to a favorite song...keep the beat or do a variety of moves based on the music. Could also do a scarf or ribbon dancing routine. Try it with a sibling and perform it for your folks!

Take a familiar story you like and make it into a musical. Make up your own songs or add in pop songs that express the story. Maybe each character has their own theme song.

Create a lip sync music video. This could be super can you tell the story of the song? Go all out with costumes.

Write a poem and make it into a rap song. If you have any Apple products see if you can add the lyrics to a background beat on Garage Band. Or create your own “drum loop” by recording different beats around your house.

Play a hot and cold game with dynamics...hide a stuffed animal while your family member hides their eyes. Have them look for it by moving around the area and sing loud when they are close to it and soft when they are far away.

Listen to music. Just lay down and listen to one of the truly great masterpieces. What did you like? What didn’t you like? How is this piece the same/different from another song you like? Read about composers. See the "Masterworks" Page for links to songs.

Come up with your own version/arrangement of a familiar song-maybe change the words to Baby Shark 😳

Go “on a bear hunt.” Here's the song:

Pretend like you are a music critic. Watch old American Idol auditions and pause before the judges commentary. What advice would you give the performer? What did they do well?

Create your own handshake/body percussion to a poem you like...think “Patty Cake” but do your own! Here's a video for "Lemonade":

Sing!  Sing your program songs, sing your favorite songs, sing in the shower, sing in the car...just sing!