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BatemanAmanda  -  Teacher 535-2366
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BirdwellDanielle "Dani"  -  Teacher
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BolingAudrey  -  Teacher 535-2366
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CharbonneauLisa  -  Paraprofessional 535-2366
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ComerKelly  -  Teacher
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Derheim-SmithsonHelen  -  Paraprofessional
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DohrmannMarne  -  Teacher
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GruenerBrenda  -  Library Media Specialist 535-2366, 535-2555
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HendersonMaria  -  Teacher
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HicksMegan  -  Teacher
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IrishJean  -  Teacher 535-2366
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KarhiAlysann  -  Paraprofessional - Special Ed
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KarhiNicole  -  Paraprofessional
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LewisIsabella  -  Paraprofessional
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LewisMatt  -  Principal 535-2366
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LouisEmily  -  Teacher 406-535-2366
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MarksAmber  -  Teacher 406-5352366
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McRaeSandy  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-2366
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NelsonSheri  -  Teacher
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O'DellFleeta  -  Paraprofessional
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PattenTace  -  Teacher 535-2366
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RhynerMisti  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-2366
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RindalJennifer  -  Speech-Language Pathologist
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RobertsPamela  -  Teacher 535-2366
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SchoenfelderLanna  -  School Secretary 535-2366
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SparksBridget  -  Teacher 535-2366
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StroufLeah  -  Teacher
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SwimleyRachael  -  Teacher
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WilsonShalon  -  Counselor
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WrightLauren  -  Choral Director 535-5419
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