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BawdenCassidy  -  Teacher
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BristolJenni  -  School Secretary 535-2555
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BurnhamSean  -  Paraprofessional
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CloudSarah  -  Teacher 535-2555
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ComesJulie  -  Teacher 535-2555
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CrawfordGina  -  Teacher 535-2366
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FigueroaRay  -  Custodian
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FreemyerVirginia  -  Teacher
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GilskeyLaura  -  Teacher 535-2555
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GrenstenRachael  -  Music Teacher 535-2366, 535-2555
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GruenerBrenda  -  Library Media Specialist 535-2366, 535-2555
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HankinsAshley  -  Teacher
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HendersonJodi  -  Teacher 535-2555
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IrwinKathy  -  Teacher 535-2555
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JennessAshley  -  Counselor 535-2555
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JensenJennifer  -  Teacher 535-2555
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KirschBeth  -  Teacher 535-2555
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KonertShawna  -  Paraprofessional
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LearDerek  -  Teacher 535-2555
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McKinneySara  -  Teacher 535-2555
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McLendonDarcy  -  Paraprofessional 535-2555
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MetcalfeBridget  -  Teacher
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OlsonTara  -  Paraprofessional
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PrindleLynne  -  Paraprofessional 535-2555
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SchwedeJill  -  Teacher 535-2555
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ShelagowskiLisa  -  Teacher 535-2555
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VanderBeekChiara  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-2366
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VaughnKerry  -  Teacher 535-2555
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VentrescaMatthew  -  Principal 535-2555
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WeichelPolly  -  Teacher 535-2555
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WeinheimerLeeAnne  -  Teacher 535-2555
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WilsonShalon  -  Counselor
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