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ArmstrongChad  -  Teacher 535-5419
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BartosCarrie  -  Teacher
[Email] for Carrie Bartos [Profile] for Carrie Bartos
BreidenbachBrad  -  Resource Teacher 535-2811
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BrownClaudia  -  Paraprofessional
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CloudChuck  -  Teacher
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ConradGretchen  -  Paraprofessional 535-2811
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EdwardsAmanda  -  Speech-Language Pathologist
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FoxSandy  -  Teacher 535-2811
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GremauxCindy  -  Teacher 535-2811
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GruenerMatt  -  Teacher
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HamlingMike  -  Performing Arts Ctr Coord / Music Teacher
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JennessAshley  -  Counselor 535-2555
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JenniAmanda  -  Teacher 535-2811
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LearDerek  -  Teacher 535-2555
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McKinneyNorine  -  Paraprofessional 535-2811
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Paris-KempkesMichelle  -  Paraprofessional
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Poser-BrownLora  -  Library Specialist 406-535-5419 & 406-535-2811
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ReesorJulie  -  Teacher
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RobinsonLisa  -  School Nurse
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RummansDave  -  Paraprofessional 535-2811
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RussellJeff  -  Teacher 535-2811
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SchuchardShawn  -  Custodian 535-2811
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SeeFaith  -  Lewis and Clark. Secretary
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StevensonMara "Beth"  -  Teacher
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WirtzbergerDanny  -  Principal 405-5535-2811
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