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ArmstrongChad  -  Teacher 535-5419
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BirdwellMisti  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-5419
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BlazicevichJenifer  -  Paraprofessional 535-5419
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DonaldsonMatt  -  Teacher 535-5419
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Duran-PeckAngela  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-5419
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ElliottSarah  -  Teacher 535-5419
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FlentieSusan  -  Teacher 535-5419
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FriesenJeff  -  Principal 535-2321
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HamlingMike  - 
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KellySteve  -  Head Custodian 535-5419
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KrogstadJocelyn  -  Teacher
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LahrTasha  -  Para 406-535-5419
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MajerusTeresa  -  Counselor 535-5419, 535-2321
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PetersonSara  -  Secretary 406-535-5419
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Poser-BrownLora  -  Library Specialist 406-535-5419 & 406-535-2811
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SandersCasey  -  Teacher 406-535-5419
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SavinelliCheryl  -  Paraprofessional - Special Ed
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ShelagowskiBrett  -  Teacher 535-5419
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SpragginsKatherine  -  Teacher 535-5419
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VallincourtNoah  -  Teacher 535-5419
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WaltersMaida  -  Teacher
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WichmanNicole  -  Teacher
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WillemsLaurie  -  Paraprofessional 406-535-5419
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WirtzbergerKatie  -  Teacher 406-535-5419
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WrightLauren  -  Choral Director 535-5419
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